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To be alive is to be connected.

How do the objects in our environment reflect our connections?

My spirit thrives where intimate and joyful connections with Nature abound.
Living with handmade pots connects me with my friends, family, colleagues, students and teachers.  Wood-firing my work nurtures my need to constantly challenge myself physically and mentally. Participating in community wood-firings furthers my development as teacher and learner while contributing to the history and evolution of humankind with fire and clay.

Making pots affords the manifestation of artifacts which embody my values for living with an awareness of function laden with beauty, durability, comfort and sensuality.  Like stones polished by a river, I want my work to remind us to celebrate our relationship with the beautiful and imperfect natural world, where trees, flowers, rocks and animals are recognized and appreciated for being precisely who they are meant to be.

To love being alive is to enjoy exploring the interdependence of all things.

Constantly questioning, looking closely, listening hard, and working towards being the best I can be for as long as I can, I am learning to love this world more every day through my work with clay.

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