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Coastal fog and unseasonable rain have filled the Sonoma Valley every night this month making for cool cuddly evenings and excellent early morning trail running conditions. The wildflowers just keep on coming, with the brodea out in numbers like I’ve never seen before. Wearing hoodies and a beanies during evening strolls with RP & Zip around our new home at the Sonoma Community Center has brought back fond memories of my summers growing up in Santa Rosa. Come join us for lunch on June 27th for SCC’s Salad Plate Special fundraiser.

Loading BeginsMay was exciting and exhausting…filled with preparations for the loading and the firing of Scott Parady’s anagama at Burton Creek Studio in Pope Valley, CA. The load went quickly and the firing stayed on schedule. The first piece of pine went in on the morning of Tuesday May 19th Tyler Nansen Stokes the first wood of the Firing.and after stuffing her full of the oak we sealed her up early in the morning on Wednesday May 27th. We expect new surface development resulting from some experimental air adjustments and the use of pine for the second firing of the fire box. Theory and reality will meet when we unbrick the door on the afternoon of Thursday June 4th. Oak Side Stoke Flame on the Final Morning.Check back for images of the unloading festivities later this week!

I look forward to seeing you at the East Bay Open Studios of my firing mates Jason Dunn, Hue Yang, Megan Mitchell, Sunshine Cobb, Darren Cockrell, and also at the Warren MacKenzie events this month at TRAX Gallery and the Museum of Craft & Folk Art. Cheers and thanks for visiting
*~* jules *~*

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