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Greetings from Cobb Mountain!

It has been a very busy summer for us up on Cobb Mountain and also down at the Art Center in Calistoga.

Cassidy waiving in the river.

Hello from the Eel River

In between swimming, camping and harvesting from the garden, I’ve been enjoying teaching art camps for kids by day and my evening ceramics classes for teens and adults.

CAC Art Campers

Eager Art Campers studying historic ceramic work and sketching their ideas

Bowser Kids Working Hard

I Love Teaching Happy Potters of All Ages!

Bella on the wheel

And coaching my wheel students!

August is nearing its end and the brilliant yellow leaves of the Big Leaf Maples are signaling the coming of Fall which means swimming and camping season will be ending soon.  As soon as all of the 200 bowls are completed for the Calistoga Art Center’s Soup-er Bowl Fundraiser, I will devote my studio time and my class demos entirely to making work for the Train Kiln firing in November at Scott Parady’s Cobb Mountain Art and Ecology Center.

Full Bisque Kiln

Soup-er Bowls and Student Work Fill the kilns weekly!

I am also getting excited about planning my trip to Kansas City for the 50th Anniversary NCECA Conference in March 2016.

Check out Calistoga Art Center online for the Fall schedule of classes.  I’m excited to be adding a weekly kids’ class on Wednesdays from 2:00-4:00pm!

Take Care and Enjoy the Changing of the Seasons!

~ jules ~

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