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While many folks were celebrating Independence Day by eating watermelon and assorted wood/charcoal fired foods, I spent the weekend in the studio polishing up my anagama fired wares for their big photo shoot. Zip, RP & I took a walk downtown to the Sonoma firework display, but when RP crawled into my lap at the Square, I realized he wasn’t exactly enjoying it…so back to the studio we went…where he hid under the table till well after the window rattling thunder subsided.
Sunrise View from the Sonoma StudioLater that week, two hot and late nights of snapping shots in the Sacramento State Studio produced nearly 200 images that I have narrowed down to a mere twenty shots for your viewing pleasure…just a tease…to inspire you to make a trip to Sonoma this September for my upcoming single artist exhibition. The show at Sonoma Community Center’s “Gallery 212” will open Labor Day weekend and the closing reception will be held Saturday September 19th from 5 to 7pm. If any of you happen to be passing through the Sacramento International Airport between August 11th and October 31st, look for my work in the Japanese Tea Ceramic Exhibition in Terminal B.Porcelain Flower Container Family

Please send me an email with your address if you’d like to receive a hard copy of the invitation to the reception.
Precious Teabowl

Enjoy Summer!
~ jules ~

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