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Teaching, Teching, Running & Making. Ahhhh…the joys of summer.Evening Commute
Teaching Art Camp at Sonoma Community Center has been an unimaginable inspiration for me as both a teacher and a maker. EF Bird CupHaving students draw their work proved to be a valuable tool in the collaboration. Grecian Urns Above all, working with kids in the studio has taught me that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE with clay. Huichol Inspired Scorpion The Youngest Art Camp Artist Moai Inspired Figures

Learning about mythology and folklore from cultures around the world through helping these young artists build their vision in clay has been a blast. Peruvian Ica Stone Egyptian Inspired Box "Little boy Mummy Cage"

As the ceramics technician for Sacramento City College, working for Mr. Mark Boguski, I got to spend some quality time in the glaze kitchen researching, testing and experimenting with glaze recipes.

Pleasurable Bisquing

Glaze Tests ready to Fire

Loading and firing kilns every day provided ample mental calisthenic activity.
Summer School is sadly over now and I’m taking a break from teaching Art Camp so I can go to Mendocino Art Center for grown-up art camp with Josh DeWeese where I will have my a chance to fire some work in the soda kiln. After helping students make and fire work all of June and July, I am excited to have August dedicated entirely to the making and firing of my own work. Please come enjoy the fruits of my labor at the Sonoma Community Center’s “Gallery 212” this September.

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