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Two thousand nine ended and Twenty-ten began with two very hot kilns out here at Flynn Creek Pottery in the little town of Comptche, Mendocino County. What a festive way to end a very busy year of making and wood firing pots.

The work from the Flynn Creek Wood Salt kiln turned out great! The Anagama will be unloaded on January 12th and the word around town is that the peeks in have revealed lots of exciting surfaces! Flynn Creek Anagama
The Burton Creek Anagama was bricked up on January 9th and will be firing from Jan 11th through the 19th. Check back in February for images of the results of the first three firings of the New Year.

I’m proud to announce that despite budget cuts, the Mendocino Art Center Ceramics Artists-in-Residence held three fund raising events and have secured more than enough funds to reserve a booth and cover the registration of the booth sitters at the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) conference this spring which will be held in Philadelphia, PA. Please stop by the booth to hear about the residency program, workshops, and all the good things going on here in Mendo. Big River Sunrise

* cheers to a passionate & productive 2010 *
~ jules ~

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