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Hello from the lovable land of the Giant Redwoods… The heart of the redwood forest
…where the Grey Whales are splashing about, the Slink Pods are in full bloom and the frogs are singing joyful songs reveling in the steady stream of storms that continue to bring new life to California’s North Coast.
Nick Schwartz’s Flynn Creek Anagama and Wood/Salt kilns provided some beautiful finishes to many wonderful peoples’ work this January including Bay Area Pottery Goddess Christa Assad. Nick unloading Christa's TeapotJAS Porcelain Tea Bowl from Flynn Creek Anagama

The January 2010 firing of Scott Parady’s Burton Creek Anagama also delivered excellent results. Follow the links to flickr to view images of the people and the process of the Pope Valley Firing and studio images of a few of Scott’s pieces and my newest work.

Beloved Firing Friends Sarah Brown and Owen Nelsen

Much of this post firing month has been eaten up by planning and making arrangements for the future…preparing applications for exhibitions, for graduate school and possible future residencies. Mill Creek Anagama

Luckily most of my desk duties are over and I have begun to immerse myself in making new work to take to Simon Levin’s Mill Creek Anagama in Gresham, Wisconsin for the March 5th firing. If you have any suggestions of places to visit in the Wisconsin/Minnesota area during the five day cooling period before the March 19th unloading, please email me!
My residency here at the Mendocino Art Center will expire this May, so if you’re planning a visit to this amazingly beautiful area, April would be a great time! The Artist-In-Residence Exhibition will be up in the main gallery. Please join us for a festive reception on the “Second Saturday”, April 10th from 5-7pm.

* hope to see you soon *
~ jules ~
The Road Home from the Pope Valley FiringMontgomery Woods Inspiration/Image Collection ExhibitionMagical Moonlight at Navarro by the Sea

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