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Leafy lupine blooms blow in the wake of my wheels as I speed through the glory of Butts Canyon…a sure sign of Spring’s arrival…and the momentum of lengthening days inspires the creation of new things. Having set up my first solo home studio surrounded by 100+ foot tall Ponderosas, Sugar Pines and Douglas Firs, I am reminded of the permanence of things bigger than myself…like the pots I produced in 2010 for the Ozumo Santa Monica Project.

Tea Bowls, Tumblers and Tea Cups…hundreds of them…fired in several different wood kilns including Nick Schwartz’s Flynn Creek Anagama in Comptche, CA Scott Parady’s Burton Creek Anagama in Pope Valley, CA, Simon Levin’s Mill Creek Anagama in Gresham, WI and the CSU Sacramento Smokeless Bourry Box.

You can visit the collection at the Sushi Bar in the Ozumo Santa Monica Location. Send me pictures of you with them and I’ll send you a sake cup 😉

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